Not Seeing Jesus…and then Seeing Him


                               for Mary Magdalene and for Us, John 20:11-18




Possible Answers:       a. for Magdalene

b. for Us



Matthew 28:20 – seeing Jesus is important.



I-a.  Why did Mary Magdalene (at first) not recognize the resurrected Jesus?




I-b.  Why do we not see Him now?


1.     Heart (expectation): She was looking for the dead body (corpse) of someone she loved, and not expecting Him to be living.


2.     Mind (transformation): Jesus appeared differently – Mark 16:12 (“He appeared in a different form…”) suggests His physical ordeal and His awesome victory could have changed His appearance.


3.     Body (emotion): She was weeping – overwhelmed with grief and eyes full of tears – both affecting perception.


4.     Spirit (attention): Jesus had surprised her – right after her conversation with two angels {for heaven’s sake} in the tomb.  She was not ready.


1. We forget that he is alive.  Do we have only formaldehyde faith?



2.  We are misled by our expectations of what he looks like. (see Matthew 25)



3.  We are often overwhelmed by our emotion: guilt, fear, worries…



4. We are not even looking for him.  See Mathew 28:20 – are we ready to see Him now?





II-a.  Why was Mary Magdalene the first to see the resurrected Jesus?





II-b.  How can we learn to see Him more clearly now, TODAY?


1.     HEART (expectation): She was so committed, she had a deep expectation she would find Him, dead (or alive).  She says, “I will carry him way…”


2.     MIND (transformation): She herself had been through a huge transformation, so that she was especially prepared to see dramatic change, again.


3.     BODY (emotionally ready):  She had grown with major loss before, and had seen Jesus bring great results out of disasters – in her life and in others.


4.     SPIRIT (attention):  She is focused on finding Jesus—even after everyone else had left. 



1. We need a “holy denial” of peer pressure, scientism and other distractions.


2.  No stone Jesus allowed! 

Not now; not ever.



3.  Are we ready to be redeemed?  helped?  Make a list…. And tell others.  (more witnesses would help!)


4. Mathew 28:20 – are we ready to see Him now?





Seeing Jesus is so important!

o  Creation starts with seeing: “Let there be light!”  The Lord wants us to see….(Genesis 1)

o  Jesus’ mission starts with seeing: With compassion Jesus saw the crowds… (Matthew 9)

o  Action starts with seeing: The Good Samaritan saw with compassion…(Luke 10)

o  Great Commission ends with seeing: “Look!  I am with you every day until the end of the age”

(Matthew 28)


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